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Landing Pages.

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You Need:

  • 100,000 opt-in emails in 20 days...
  • 1,000 inbound calls...
  • leads with full contact information and 3 custom questions...
  • to target 25-35 year-old females in California...

Now Get Leads From Facebook

Now when you set-up your offer in our system, you can easily select Facebook as a lead source – and generate sign-ups for your offer directly in Facebook’s news feed.

A Complete Solution

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager’s sole focus is the success of your campaign. We’re generous with our time, and we’re always there to support you.

programmatic buying


Our technology is constantly optimizing to get you the highest campaign ROI.

flexible data transfer

Flexible Data

We’ve transferred hundreds of millions of data points to our clients, and have seen it all.

optional email series

Optional Email

We’ll send out welcome emails on your behalf (if you’d like us to).

Easy. Scalable. Leads.

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